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Linen collections is committed to providing a one-stop shopping experience for a broad assortment of high quality linen fabric for shirting’s and suiting. At our exclusive linen shop we sell world class linen designed in Ireland and carefully processed to match the latest trends and fine quality. Delivering the best designer products at an outstanding value for money has always been our motto and forte

History of Linen
This is one of the most interesting of textile fabrics because its history can be traced four thousand years, and because the flax fibre, from which linen is made, undergoes many and varied processes in the manufacture of the white and glistening material, honored by all men and nations. In tracing its history, the monuments on the banks of the Nile, and scriptural records, yield the most authentic accounts of its early use and manufacture. Egypt was famous for her beautiful products of fine linens; at one time the chief and most profitable article of commerce.
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